Sunday, July 26, 2009


This weekend was my 20th class reunion. My husband and I - who graduated together - closed the bar down two nights in a row. I don't know that I have ever closed a bar (okay, maybe in college)- but two nights in a row?! We had such a good time reconnecting - and seriously, where did 20 years go?

I saw my best bus friend (he signed this book for me), decided that two classmates tie for the kindest-people-I-know category, heard two jokes that made me laugh and one that made my throw up in my mouth a little, learned two much information about one classmate, did a bit of impromptu co-psychotherapy with an old flame, and was told I have not changed a bit, in that I am still nice - shucks.

Vicki and I - met in the third grade. Old friends have the best information, em. We appear to be hanging onto our purses for dear life.

A bit of trivia is that the bar/ family restaurant we are celebrating at is owned and run by a highschool mate's family - my husband and I "really" met there our senior year after the homecoming game - he asked me to marry him on the street outside 5 years later. The location has changed, but the sentiment is the same. aw.

that's enough reminiscing for now...

And because this is a crafting-of-sorts kind of blog I have done some crafting - mostly cutting, preparing for the next Quilt-A-Long - a zig-a-long of sorts led by Amy of Park City Girl. I have my 88 9" squares of Mendocino by Heather Ross. Ready for the week #2 clue tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

are you there God, it's me peaknit...

The title means nothing specifically...but good grief, I have been an apathetic, lazy blogger. I miss it. I'm crafting but I feel like such a "cheater" in that I have been mostly quilting - I mean, this started as a knitting blog right? Oops. I hope my blogland friends will stick with me through this sewing jag. And maybe I'll make some new ones, who sew? I love "crafting diversity". But I know, if blogs stray too far off my interests, I stop going by - I hope y'all will stick with me and maybe even sew with me too.

yarn 665
I spy a robot - isn't he a charmer? The back of my sister's baby's quilt. The little fellow is cooking up nicely, the baby and the quilt, of course.

Today starts the Zig Zag QAL at flickr - it's a tutorial quilt-along, so nice to have guidance and support - and new friends, and pictures and stuff.

I also joined this little Christmas Scrap Block swap - a fun way to get a bunch of different squares for something a little holiday, a little kitschy, I'm picturing a cool table covering. The blocks are from this tutorial - relatively easy peasy, I swear. And a fun swap brings more blogland friends. I just love you people, you have no idea how I look forward to your comments and following along with many of your blog spaces. I attribute most of my craft-spiration to blogs - blogland is such a smorgasboard of imagination. Am I being too mushy?

Okay, the closest thing to knitting to come along in the last week is more spinning for Tour De Fleece...Hello Yarn Shetland - Hello luscious.

yarn 654

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Up to me ears in the craft-ees.

I got it bad, a case of the craft-ees. I have been elbow deep in a few too many things lately and it is really hindering my desire to go to my day job. "Work" feels like a such a waste when I could be sewing, spinning, knitting, know? I feel like I should be on summer hiatus or something. So Monday I did it - went for it. Called the boss at 5:30 and asked for a day off - only MY boss would be there at that insane hour... but a solo vacation day is just wonderful. An impromptu vacation is even better.

I read:



I spun:


I'm spinning my fool head off for Tour De Fleece - I plied a second skein today - gosh, I don't think I like that plying part...

And I have been quilting:


A Disappearing Nine Patch table runner using the Rachel Griffith of ps i quilt tutorial, find it here. I used Anna Horner Fabric in Good Folks. It was so fast and I like the funky-ness. I may have to repaint my dining room to match - on my next unplanned day off, em.

And I am working on this babe quilt for my expectant sister:

yarn 605

I created this with the help of another tutorial at the Moda Bakeshop by Amandajean of Crazy Mom Quilts. These tutorials rock. And I love this quilt - and I can't wait to have a niece or nephew to wrap up in it.

Lastly, I am gearing up for my next Quilt-A-Long. The Old Red Barn Co QAL group at flickr could not bear disbanding - so here we go again. This time it will be a zig zag quilt - like this one. I am planning a twin using some Heather Ross Mendocino, with a few solid linens in the mix. Please come and join us.

Mendocino Zig Zag Quilt-A-Long

So clearly, as crafters - you have to see my Such decisions. I guess for now I'll trudge to the day job to feed the fam AND the habits.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

And what kind of day did you have?

Let me tell you...I have my 20-year class reunion coming up in a couple of weeks and after polling my friends and family - it was decided I should invest in getting my hair colored and highlighted. I wanted some more pizazz, a little more chunky highlight - a declaration of "I'm YOUNG!" to my former classmates. My exact words to my stylist (who, I am here to tell you, shared that she has not had a class reunion yet...) were "not as subtle as usual but not too funky". Um, I came out looking like this...


Wow. I thought I was going to throw up on my gown. I didn't say anything - well, more like I couldn't. My stylist, thankfully, said "wow, these are brighter than you wanted, huh?" I was glad she noticed this on her own (after an excruciatingly long blow dry and cut) - though the blood draining out of my face may have given me away. She was able to work it out but it was a scary hour...I read a book while I waited to see the new results, but I don't think I comprehended a word. I left relieved. That is not typically the feeling I am looking for as I am striding out of the salon, but I'll take it.

I'm pretty sure I will need to get a new hairstylist, or go into therapy for PTSD after each visit.

I have quilting and spinning to report but I must rest after my tumultuous day at the salon.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

What time is it?

It Tour De France time! I have decided to join Tour De Fleece this year, joining Hello Yarn's spinning team. I have some Peat club fiber I have been wanting to spin, and honestly, my wheel has been lone-ly...

yarn 017
Peat SW Merino by Hello Yarn

I am certain to wear a white jersey for "rookie rider" but honestly, I am feeling like I should have a special jersey designated for the lazy and apathetic rider - but if these riders were either lazy or apathetic, they probably wouldn't be invited to TDF, huh? Okay "young" rider it is. I am having a bout of the lazies, we'll see if my wheel inspires some good stuff. I am setting a seemingly tiny goal to complete two bumps. This goal seems anything but teeny to my lazy self, promise.

I have offically finished my Old Red Barn Co. Quiltalong - my quilt is fresh from the dryer, fully bedecked with crinkles. So good. I am so proud to have finished, I just have to keep posting pictures of this project.

crinkly goodness

It isn't exactly the right size for any bed in the house - so I am thinking it will be a good, snuggle-on-the-couch-for-a-movie-quilt.

Next up in the sewing dept, a baby stacked coin quilt, there is a great tutorial here. I am mid-stack right now with these fun fabrics...I'll wait. Aren't those whimsical robots the cutest?

I'm head over heels for baby fabrics cuz, I am going to be an auntie. squee! I am far more excited than I thought possible. But I will get to love a new baby. I get to kiss baby feet and smell baby head - and then the baby goes home, so I can aptly miss it til next time. How wonderful will that be? My poor sister - I have been packing up any of our baby things to ship off to her house. Make room dearie!