Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vesper is not just a pair of naughty boys...

I have a new appreciation for the name...I got my Vesper Yarn today in the Aquamelon colorway - which I think is similar to Yartini's Cosmopolitan but more muted and relaxed. I think it will be a delight to work with - I am almost tired just thinking about all of my projects in queue now...and I still want to pile on more. Must be this darn cold causing me to be delirious?! Just a few more skeins, just a few more...*pant, pant, pant* please?

I also made some stitch markers - fun! With some polymer beads I purchased and some glass odds and ends. I think I'll have to make some for my scarf pal! I made a set for my knitting buddy - who happened to be having a crap day - and got such a wonderful response, I want to make some for everyone! She was so grateful I felt like a superstar! I love when unexpected acts of kindness turn right around on you. Double bonus - 1)it's always better to give then receive and then 2)to feel like you have genuinely pleased someone - *giddy shyness*!

Where is my real baby?

Tutti and I had an adventure planned today - picture day - yes, she is 15 months and this is her 1-year picture. I have been far more of a slacker than I could have imagined with my second daughter, especially in regard to studio pictures. Partly because she is more ornery - my first daughter would literally "freeze" for the camera at this age, Tutti however, she is a tough sell. The sober wee one takes a long time to warm up to weird people with dusters - ultimately I have a great "meltdown" picture in a studio. I positively love my daughters "oppositeness" -but that really wasn't the point of all of this. I think Tutti was switched at birth with my real baby, seriously. I rigged up my Nano in the car so I could take the Lime & Violet podcast on the road today, I was feeling pretty techno savvy, pretty hot, right? Peeeesha, that's when Tutti started fussing and trying to worm out of her carseat. So I stopped the podcast - because I didn't want to miss a second, and Christina Aquilera blasted out of the stereo - here's where I first suspected the switch, Tutti started head banging to this dirty girl. She chose this over *weep* my knitting podcast. Is there no hope?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Holy Crap, it's here? Already? Damn right!

I got my Lime N Violet sock yarn yesterday from Lisa Souza...I think that was like, minute after I ordered it? I was shocked it showed up so fast. I am not sure what I am going to knit out of it...socks are the obvious choice, but I'd like to do something different, and I am curious what the fabric of the yarn will look like - it's definitely different looking in the skein than anything else I have tried. But I am open to a new experience! It is delightful and I can't wait to start the Lime n Violet KAL on October 13th - better get my project sorted out before then! Thank you Lisa for the fastest damn delivery ever! I am eyeing Berry Poppins next for some sock love...I mean, when I am *gulp* buying yarn again.

*sob* I'm going through withdrawal...two days of a sock yarn free lifestyle. And I found this on the internet last night while surfing. I've been wondering...what if this was my last yarn purchase before my hiatus? Maybe this would satisfy me so completely I would be cured of my addiction - I know, I am a bonafide sock yarn ho - I'm at least focused specifically on sock yarn right? Does that count for anything?? Hang on, this is going to be a bumpy ride! Weeeee!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I need some self-control...

Recent thoughts of a 12-step group for the yarn addicted - ha ha it's funny - but is it too close to home? Good grief I am in love with sock yarn. I think about it way more than is probably natural (minimization). I started to face my, uh... problem yesterday...I was able to pluck some Vesper Yarn yesterday from Knitterly Things and by God I was feeling celebrity. (that's rather pathetic, I know - hence the "problem") I have read about Vesper and people have raved - so I needed it. After all people, it is Socktoberfest (rationalization). So another hypothetical pair of socks is coming through the mail to me - wait a minute Mr. Postman!
On the brighter side of my quandry - Yarntini also had an etsy update yetserday and I watched, I waited but the wallet remained tightly sealed. It was like I was holding my breath - her new Tequila Sunrise is simple stunning - but again, I have some Grape Ape on order from her *squee*- I need help.
I am in a "helping" profession telling people all of the time how they need to stop making excuses and slay their addictions - perhaps it's time I took my own advice? So yarn diet must. begin. NOW! Okay for the first week - damn this will be easy since I have three skeins making there way through the postal super highway - em, yes, I had to join the stinkin' Lime n Violet KAL too - of course I did - all in support of their good work (distortion). Oh, and lest I forget - I also joined the Petals Club starting in December, can you believe the forward thinking here? (yet another distortion) All of this yarn-criminal thinking has got to stop. I hope I can find a sponsor soon as I claw my way to yarn sobriety. I'm going to start counting how many days I can keep my wallet closed and "stay clean"!

Tip of the iceberg people...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lime N Violet new podcast friends

Well, keep in mind that they don't actually know that I'm their new friend exactly. I found their podcast through Scout J's Swag, she had been listening and since I loved her Kick Ass Cosmo recipe...well, I thought I would give them a listen. They are a couple of quirky gals but they keep me entertained while I go for a walk with my pretty nano. I found myself nodding as I wandered along my usual route. And to add to the excitement it seems that they could be catching on - Lisa Souza has come up with a sock yarn colorway to commemorate them. AND there is now a knitalong developing to participate in using Lisa's yarn to commemorate Lime n Violet. (good grief, are you following this??) And prizes, there are prizes. Well, as luck would have it I am stupid in love with any shade of purple and green living as neighbors, so I have to do it. (it starts OCtober 13th - FYI)No deadline for myself perhaps, but I can see goofy socks or perhaps this rockin' curly scarf also found on Lisa Souza's website. It just looks funky, and it looks fun. I enjoy being inspired by communities of knitters. So sign me up sisters - I'm ready for another project - in queue? on the needles? In the bottom of my knitting bag? Only time will tell. But as the holidays start closing in, I am putting my blinders on, denial truly might be just a river in Egypt - well, I'm going with that anyways, ah the beauty of denial - "who should I be making felted clogs for? Who should get a scarf?"...well, no one but me of course. *squeeee*

Friday, September 22, 2006

Going nowhere with a purpose

Tutti Pickles, she nomads, and nomads... content with no destination.

"Not all who wander are lost..." J.R.R. Tolkein

It's so lovely, I'll think I might eat it


Pretty, pretty candy. It's HandMaiden Sea Silk, the picture hardly does it justice - but there is a gorgeous shawl in this skein dying to get out. (If I can just stop frogging my ISE scarf - waa.) I'm torn about the pungent smell of silk - is it offensive? is it reminiscent of something icky for me? is that *gulp* worms?? But I will forgive the smell for the drape should be perfect to behold. Anyways, I was reading about it somewhere and it just sounded delightful to knit with, some hand softening properties?? - so in the line-up it goes.

Does anyone just revel in their knitting to-do list? I just love, love seeing projects pile up - okay, a little OCD in me freaks out - but then I take a nice yogic breath and realize..ahhhhh, fiber is my drug of choice. Wouldn't 30 days in a "center for fiber addicts" be like, bliss?? Give me a long drag off some wool, dude. Imagine a group of knitters..."my name is peaknit and I'm a yarnaholic." (step 1) I accept that I must submit to the higher power of yarn. (step 2)...I can imagine a support group emerging here - the Big Book could be by Elizabeth Zimmerman or perhaps the Harlot. Lets drink lots of coffee and talk about hitting rock bottom - like when was it that we started hiding our stash around the house so we could secretly fondle it at any given moment (now it's taking on a deviant quality - there is surely "therapy" for that too.) I can see this really catching on. Sign me up, get me a sponsor!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It isn't easy being green...

Two days at a conference combined with too many mixers for a-simple-girl-who-normally-avoids-a-party makes for a very long day. We did have a ridiculously wonderful upgrade to a suite with a fireplace though, and we saw bartenders reminiscent of "Cocktail" tossing bottles around and creating fire.

But seriously, I attended a wonderful seminar this morning on Feng Shui. It was geared towards the office however I was more focused on applying the de-cluttering information to my yarn stash than my "out" box. I scribbled tips up and down the sides of my grocery list and on the back of my conference name tag. The single most significant thing I walked away with is that we all "need to choose to say "no" to some things". For me, I need to acknowledge that I can't consistently scrapbook, knit, sew, read and bead. So I choose knitting. I had another "ah-ha" moment as I listened, another benefit of knitting, similar to yoga practice, is that it has become a community for me. I have appreciated learning about other knitters while sharing a common creative interest. So, strangely, knitting has developed into something so much deeper for me - it's a little odd when I think about it logically, but I feel blessed to have found it. So the conference ran the gamet for me - shallow over indulgence followed by wholeness and empowerment. At least is was in the proper order.

**Avast me hearties - did you Talk Like a Pirate today? The Yarn Harlot would be pleased.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Modeling Socks Contest?

I love these babies!
Why yes, modeling socks - seems a bit silly, but I like it - check it out. And since I was just admiring my shoes today I thought, "hey, I could throw my funky JayWalkers on" and just for shizzle and giggles, I could showcase my ridiculousness. Now, I must confess I have a pirate band-aid under these babies, favorite shoes cause blisters when worn sans socks - so the JayWalkers could have had twofold uses today - next time...though really, I can't fathom this look catching on.

My band-aid reminds me...don't forget to Talk Like a Pirate on Tuesday - Aaaargh!

Knitting in Public

Indeed, I knit in public today - right on the steps of church while waiting for DD to get out of Sunday school - pretty darn brazen! I completed a 10 row repeat in my Leisel for my pal and knit a couple rounds of a sock. Felt so good out there, relaxing, breezy, sunshine - and spiritual at that!

So Leisel, she progresses. I'm considering doing a ribbed mid section, like a seaman's style to get away from this repeat for a little bit, egads. It may also help the scarf lay nicely and then I can graft a second piece so that the leaves fall towards the ground on either side. I saw this in my new Myra Stahman book, and the technique looks nice and again, that much needed break. I can't imagine how many repeats it will take to get this sucker done. But I do like it and see something like it for myself in the future. I just hope my pal will like it.

As I was surfing the ISE website and trolling blogs I saw HandMaiden Sea Silk - couldn't stand it, I ordered a skein in rose garden from an ebay store (it's alleged to have some hand softening la di da right in it!) I am finding myself dancing happily between socks and lacey scarves/ shawls. I love how the patterns emerge and the dainty little needles make me feel like such a girl!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Itty Bitty Baby Hats and some Noni Baloney

I was able to have my book signed by Susie Anderson today - what a treat to see her again, I learned how to knit in her shop about three years ago. Then one day, I went to the shop and *poof* it was gone. They had a wonderful selection of Rowan, so sad. Anyways, she remembered me, well, my face anyhow - I'm star struck by the silliest things people. Now my "babies" are hardly itty or bitty, but there is some potential here. I did buy one future project - just one - some Rowan Cashoft in poopy for a little bonnet "marshmallow" - it would be charming if my 15 month old would consider keeping it on. We'll see. She is hardly a pink or pastel girl, so red it shall be.

I am finished with my Noni medium carpet bag - right down to the false bottom, I'm thrilled with it. I am considering modifying the pattern to make it more square, smaller, so it could be a practical little purse - we'll see. It was a fun, quick knit. I am pleased with the flower - I used the one from the Night Garden Evening Bag pattern. I sewed clear seed beads with silver painted inside of them for sparkle, I am thinking a nice brooch or even a funky shawl clasp could also be crafted from this pattern, it's such a nice size - and ridiculous easy to knit up in an hour or so. Much improved over the floppy pink camelia I tried first!

A final thought - I really am enjoying this International Scarf Exchange, I know I'm repeating myself, but I am having such a nice time learning about the person I am knitting for. She teaches sock classes and, *get this* she was a test knitter for Noni - this could be lucky coincidence for me that she seems to know something about everything-fiber I love! Now to work on that pesky scarf...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Being a Scarf Pal is Awesome!

I am having a ridiulously good time being part of the International Scarf Exchange. I have enjoyed conversing with my giftee and gifter. I have also been somewhat obsessed with checking the blog to see everyone's progress, pattern selections and leaving comments. I just love being part of a community of knitters - we rock people! Now to get my scarf a little more progress. I am off to a LYS for a book signing and "knit-in" yet another opportunity to look at patterns and compare my fiber choice to those available. I am really curious about alpaca silk...hmmm?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rock Chicks Unite!

Again, I admit an affection for 80's hair bands and ridiculous reality shows. I admit Rock Star meets the criteria on both counts! So Dilana, baby you need. to. win. and show up these silly boys! Is anyone else involved in such drivel? I probably wouldn't go see a concert but I can be a closet groupie downloading this heavy metal hair band head banging angry music onto my pretty pink iPod - I will love you in secret!

(Now tomorrow - when I have finished voting on-line for my favorite rock star, I will post about knitting. I have a finished Noni! Okay, well I need to felt a flower - but man, it's totable with a sweet lining!)

**Rock chick update - it would appear I wasted my whole summer having faith that Tommy Lee could make a good business decision - bah.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Scarf Exchange is me.

I have had contact with both the person I am knitting for and the person who is knitting for me. It's so exciting! Yet it scares me to knit for a knitter. Does this even make sens? It should be pure pleasure to knit for someone who knits - who can appreciate the effort, the careful choice of pattern and fiber, the heart in the project...then those doubtful feelings sneak in - because knitting for a knitter means knitting for someone who can see my mistakes, who has experienced opinions about likes and dislikes, who can knit for themselves...I know I am being a big baby about this!! But I like to be a perfectionist, and the unknown just messes with that - I know, grow up, get over and find the pleasure in this. I love to give goodies - this should be a real treat - and it will be once I gain confidence in my project/ fiber choice.

I have narrowed it down to Leisel. I am using the Silky Wool for a finer lace pattern as my pal lives in a warmer climate, and while a newbie, I love the focus lace requires. I have also added a seed stitch border to help the scarf block and lay nicely. I have completed 4 repeats so it will be hard to judge for now how the leaves are going to show themselves in this dark yarn. But I have butterflies thinking about it. I am logical, so I struggle with the ridiculousness of my anxiety - but I am also anxious so I cannot believe my logical self. I love circles, so round and round I go...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I broke down and went to Barnes and Noble last weekend to get Amy Butler's new book In Stitches. It is on backorder or something from Amazon and I. just. couldn't. wait. So I went and looked...and looked...omg it was not on the shelf - but then there it was - thankfully out of place so no one else could find it (I'm very persistent when I am on a mission) - or because someone was perhaps hiding it for themselves - "sorry hider, I got it!" I was looking at some new paperbacks with my Butler book set next to me when someone came up and fondled it - "oh, sorry sister that is my book. I am glad to show you where another may be hidden but not this copy honey, not a chance!" I savored it before bed. What a load of nifty little projects - some simple gifties and some not so simple keep-for-myself treats. I was impressed with the photography and the number of projects - it seemed a bottomless treat. Well, not entirely bottomless

On another note I'm stupified over my scarf exchange - clearly I am making this more work than it should be - over thinking and surfing mad for THAT pattern - good grief - I just want to please my pal but not get in over my head. I went to the Sheep and Wool Festival today with this scarf dilemma in mind - with a 6-year-old in tow who was completely entranced by the angora rabbits.

However, I was able to drag DD around between bunny sightings and I did find a wonderful book to either #1 help me narrow my search for a scarf pattern or #2 make the choice tougher. I purchased Stahman's Shawls and Scarves, it's really an incredble book (I really should have a freaking library with all of the books I buy simply because I need to have them, own them, love them, keep them...). The book is a little unique in that it is more like a recipe book than just tell-you-how-it-is patterns. I did get a glimpse and fondle of some fabulous Alpaca Silk, but it was a little pricey and I was pretty sure I could not part with it...selfish yarn whore.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Toe-Up sock success!

I wrapped up my first toe-up sock last night - I am very happy with the final results - from my first "dye-job" to the cast off edge with a hint of frill. I dig it!

I also got official word this morning that I am a participant of Secret Pal 9. I won't get my pal for a month, but I'm in. In the meantime I can work on knitting up my scarf for the ISE - I think I have found the perfect pattern. Once I finish my other toe-up sock (yes, finish a pair - novel I know) I hope to wind the silky wool and knit up a bit of a leaf lace pattern to see if it would be right for my pal.

Last big news is that the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is coming to my area this weekend - can't wait to see what goodies they have to offer!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I got my pal! I got my pal!

I just got my pal for the International Scarf Exchange I'm so excited - again I was that kid wrestling for a pen pal in grade school, so bear with me. I am thrilled with her likes and dislikes:

6. Colours you like - purples, pinks, reds
7. Colours you hate- oranges, browns, beige or off white
8. Fibres you like- natural yarn such as alpaca, bamboo, cotton
9 . Fibres you hate/allergies - acrylics
10. Prefered scarf length - 72"
11. Solid or variegated? either if it works with the pattern
12. Cables or lace or texture? love lace patterns

I really enjoy lace (though I am a bit of a rookie - what better opportunity??) and have a wonderful silky wool in mind. I have a beautiful deep red Elsebeth Lavold that I picked up just because I wanted to have it - huh, maybe it's karma baby!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Frustrating dead-end meets a new project

I am so close to finishing my Noni Carpet bag - I bought a bright turquoise silk brocade for the lining, I have it interfaced and constructed...ah, but the handles. I bought the suggested handles, but they are not proportionate to my bag. I felted it to a size I like so the project is grounded until the proper handles arrive. In the meantime I am thinking about sewing a make-up bag to match or something. Or I could make a turquoise flower since the pink one that I felted with the bag turned out hideously!

So back to the drawing board, I started a toe-up sock from Wendy Knits with my hand dyed skein from last weekend. I was running into trouble with the double wrapped stitches in the toe and heel - so I e-mailed Wendy herself for some advice. She got back to me so quickly with a link to the exact entry on her blog that would help me - duh, I was wrestling with my dpn's for nothing! Thank you!! So I have turned the heel on my first one
- I think I could appreciate toe-up for sure - especially in situations like my current - where I don't know if I'll have enough for the socks... I have also decided to use her fan and feather pattern for the leg for a little variety - so we'll see how many feathers and how many fans I can eek out of this yarn supply - since it can't be repeated *sigh*

I also got a great pair of shoes this weekend - they don't particularly go with anything but I could not resist silver, sequins and satin ribbon. Shiny, sparkly - what more could a girl want?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Plain Jane brings immediate gratification

Ah, a plain old knit in the round baby hat...knit with Blue Sky Organic Cotton in q creamy color - what a pleasure the yarn is to touch but I always find cotton a bit of a struggle since it has um, no give. But I made the hat up quickly today in the car, at the dinner table, in front of the TV (mommy the knitting addict, yikes!). My plan is to try to make some simple hats to give to my local hospital for the newborns. We received a knit hat for each of our girls - I'm not sure who made them but I know that I still treasure them and I want to be part of that. I had ulterior motives as well - I wanted to do something today, no WIP but finished product...TODAY. However, the hat is too big. Man, infants noggins are tiny. It was still a joy to be a bit mindless, and now I know to go smaller - AND I have a gift for the closet. Come on friends, have babies.

Tutti Pickles gave the new-to-us park a thumbs up!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Great minds think alike..or at least I like to pretend I have a great mind

Yesterday I was reading the Yarn Harlot's entry. She was writing about yarn that I had just plucked from my own mailbox! I got some "Vineyard" from All Things Heather - wow, what a "warm fuzzy" to be lusting the same yarn as my idol in the yarnworld! I really had to have this yarn because I love, love the colors - lilac and limey of any shade are about my favorites - I just thought that is was a wonderful coincidence! Beyond stalking the Harlot, I need to actually go on a yarn moratorium - at least a sock yarn hiatus - I have too much yarn with no plans. I just love surrounding myself with this gorgeous fiber - but really, I need to come to my senses.

I also got a second lovely surprise yesterday - a wonderful non-knitting friend bought me the Stitch and Bitch Calendar - how delicious to be surprised with something I hadn't even seen. I am usually aware of a lot of new goodies and gadgets from mindless surfing and magazines - so to get something that hadn't even been on my radar - what a treat! I did sneak a few peeks at it last night -
I mean, wait until January? Insanity.